Tuesday, July 1, 2014



We know that the heart and soul of humanity is sound because man was made in the image of God
The Creator gave Humanity dominion over all living things on earth.
Biblical reference states that the earth was created in perfect harmony.
It was only man who was out of balance, lonely and unhappy.
He wanted a female partner, so God made one from his rib, so the Bible says.
Perhaps one day we will understand the Symbolism behind this verse.
Man was supposed to be the caretaker of the earth.
God gave humanity dominion over all living creatures.
He gave man fruit and vegetables to eat.
It was not long before man got tired from raw food and started eating the animals.
There was even a time in human history that man ate each other.

Man is the only weak link in the whole creation.
Today man is killing the earth, polluting waterways and the air which all living things need to survive.

We blow holes in the atmosphere with our weapons of war.
We create imbalance in nature wherever we go.

Our footprint is one of destruction.

We breed faster than cockroaches.

Half the planet is either ill or starving.

If all people receive a decent meal, in other words if there were no hunger and poverty,
The earth will run out of food in a week.

50 percent of humanity starves today  so that 20 percent can live in luxury.

OK I suck there figures out of my thumb, but seriously, should we not aim at having a zero population growth in all countries.

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