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We know that the heart and soul of humanity is sound because man was made in the image of God
The Creator gave Humanity dominion over all living things on earth.
Biblical reference states that the earth was created in perfect harmony.
It was only man who was out of balance, lonely and unhappy.
He wanted a female partner, so God made one from his rib, so the Bible says.
Perhaps one day we will understand the Symbolism behind this verse.
Man was supposed to be the caretaker of the earth.
God gave humanity dominion over all living creatures.
He gave man fruit and vegetables to eat.
It was not long before man got tired from raw food and started eating the animals.
There was even a time in human history that man ate each other.

Man is the only weak link in the whole creation.
Today man is killing the earth, polluting waterways and the air which all living things need to survive.

We blow holes in the atmosphere with our weapons of war.
We create imbalance in nature wherever we go.

Our footprint is one of destruction.

We breed faster than cockroaches.

Half the planet is either ill or starving.

If all people receive a decent meal, in other words if there were no hunger and poverty,
The earth will run out of food in a week.

50 percent of humanity starves today  so that 20 percent can live in luxury.

OK I suck there figures out of my thumb, but seriously, should we not aim at having a zero population growth in all countries.



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Compiled by  Ex Unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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This is e-book / pamphlet strives to become a diagnostic tool people (for children?) of all belief- or non-belief systems to diagnose the health of the earth and humanity’s responsibility to cure it.    The earth, Mother Gaia who gave birth to all living creatures on earth is dying.    She is in fact critically ill.   Our earth planet is so sick, she needs to be in intensive care and humanity is the only doctor who can save her life.

We need to educate all children on their duty as caregivers of the planet they live on.

This e-book will possibly not interest the average, or below average self-centered pleasure seeking individual.   If you are one of the parasites of earth who takes more than you give back to the earth, you will possibly read no further – pity – this booklet is for you.
We all need to self diagnose of our rolls in the earth’s demise and find out if which of our actions, or non-actions, make us human parasites or destroyer of your host planet

Compiled by  Ex Unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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Humanity has a fractured consciousness.

From the wholeness of the image of God, man fractured his understanding of the truth.    Today we have thousand Christian and non-Christian followers of spiritual law, as found in the Christian Bible and other spiritual books.
Why is humanity so bent on changing Gods word to suit himself?
Why are we so short sighted that we only consider this one lifetime of greed and pleasure seeking that we totally disregard the opportunity of future generations to enjoy the live on earth as we do today.

Compiled by  Ex Unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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Earth health and body map.

If we can use the ‘as above so below’ principle, and the ‘as within so without’ idea to life on earth, and compare the body of the earth with the body of man, then we may form a diagnostic chart of the health of the earth.

We can compare the earth body to the human body

The land mass – tissue cells of the body
The sea – fluid around the cells – saline
Waterways and rivers – the blood-flow through the veins
Air, trees and dense vegetation – air, the lungs and O2 required for life.
Continents – organs in the body

compiled by  Ex Unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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We can consider the following medical conditions and apply it to the earth

When we compare human body ills to the earth stress conditions and apply it to the earth map, then we may see that the earth is in fact dying and may be beyond recovery.   We may have crossed the line already.
To save the earth it needs intensive care treatments and every cell (human) needs to wake up to their responsibility.
·  Body condition: Cancer – a situation where cells are growing beyond the borders of the organ and paralyze the natural working of that organ, and penetrate (or invade) surrounding tissue.  
o       Earth situation: Overpopulated areas of the earth or areas that unnaturally replace local species of fauna and flora driving some species into extinction.   Using this model, one can consider that most of the world suffers from cancer.   Even the city of London was once beautiful natural forest.   Some parts of the world is today especially virulent in the way they destroy species of animals and plants.
·  Human disease Leukemia – immune system of the body attack healthy cells needed to maintain life. 
o       Earth situation – war – Humanity killing itself.   Racism, suppression.
·  Human condition – Cholesterol, diabetes smoking and other poisonous diseases or conditions that clogs the blood stream. – and prevent O2 from reaching the tissue cells
o       Earth condition: - clogging or polluting the sea, underground water and the rivers.
·  Human condition – Ischemia or gangrene – latent or active. – Parts/ cells of the body that does not get enough O2; dies and can no longer are regenerated.   It may need to be removed or amputated.
o       Earth condition – The effects of nuclear warfare, dumping of toxic waste, mining waste that kills vegetation, oil spills.

Ex unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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