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We can consider the following medical conditions and apply it to the earth

When we compare human body ills to the earth stress conditions and apply it to the earth map, then we may see that the earth is in fact dying and may be beyond recovery.   We may have crossed the line already.
To save the earth it needs intensive care treatments and every cell (human) needs to wake up to their responsibility.
·  Body condition: Cancer – a situation where cells are growing beyond the borders of the organ and paralyze the natural working of that organ, and penetrate (or invade) surrounding tissue.  
o       Earth situation: Overpopulated areas of the earth or areas that unnaturally replace local species of fauna and flora driving some species into extinction.   Using this model, one can consider that most of the world suffers from cancer.   Even the city of London was once beautiful natural forest.   Some parts of the world is today especially virulent in the way they destroy species of animals and plants.
·  Human disease Leukemia – immune system of the body attack healthy cells needed to maintain life. 
o       Earth situation – war – Humanity killing itself.   Racism, suppression.
·  Human condition – Cholesterol, diabetes smoking and other poisonous diseases or conditions that clogs the blood stream. – and prevent O2 from reaching the tissue cells
o       Earth condition: - clogging or polluting the sea, underground water and the rivers.
·  Human condition – Ischemia or gangrene – latent or active. – Parts/ cells of the body that does not get enough O2; dies and can no longer are regenerated.   It may need to be removed or amputated.
o       Earth condition – The effects of nuclear warfare, dumping of toxic waste, mining waste that kills vegetation, oil spills.

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