Tuesday, July 1, 2014



This is e-book / pamphlet strives to become a diagnostic tool people (for children?) of all belief- or non-belief systems to diagnose the health of the earth and humanity’s responsibility to cure it.    The earth, Mother Gaia who gave birth to all living creatures on earth is dying.    She is in fact critically ill.   Our earth planet is so sick, she needs to be in intensive care and humanity is the only doctor who can save her life.

We need to educate all children on their duty as caregivers of the planet they live on.

This e-book will possibly not interest the average, or below average self-centered pleasure seeking individual.   If you are one of the parasites of earth who takes more than you give back to the earth, you will possibly read no further – pity – this booklet is for you.
We all need to self diagnose of our rolls in the earth’s demise and find out if which of our actions, or non-actions, make us human parasites or destroyer of your host planet

Compiled by  Ex Unitate Vires 2014-07-02

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